Native American Designs and Symbols

native american designs and symbols

Native American designs and symbols represent the Native American culture by uniquely separating each tribe.

Long before there was a written language, Native American designs and symbols were used to convey important images, messages and representations. Many of these early Native American designs were later worked into pottery, clothing and jewelry.

Many people don’t know the Native American designs found on the clothing, rugs or jewelry sold today first appeared in prehistoric times. Archeaologists have discovered petroglyphs (images and symbols carved into rocks) dating back thousands of years all over the United States.

These symbols have stuck and their meaning preserved through continued use of art, stories and Native American designs.

One famous symbol found in southern Arizona and elsewhere in the Southwest looks like a circular maze with a stick figure man standing in the middle. It originally symbolized the emergence story of the Papago Indians, but has been adopted by several other cultures to represent a number of things, including life cycle and the choices we are presented with.

The Kokopelli is one of the most well known Native American designs and is still frequently seen on art, clothing and jewelry. The Kokopelli is known as a symbol for fertility and has been honored by most tribes of the Southwest.  The image has been discovered on petroglyphs from every region of the Southwest.

Other important symbols include the hand, the frog and the deer. Feathers are among the more important Native American designs and every tribe believes feathers are sacred for any number of reasons. Of course stones also harbor immense meaning. For instance, green and blue turquoise pieces have been found at ancient Native American historical sites and were believed to have been used for ceremonial purposes.

On this website, readers will learn more about Native American designs and symbols and why they are important to certain tribes. The legends and stories behind these symbols are truly fascinating and have lasted for hundreds of years.

This includes information about Native American clothing designs as well as the mythological influences of Navajo symbols and meanings and Zuni symbols.


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